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I'm an intuitive mentor and the founder of The Milk & Honey Project.  The work I do combines traditional healing practices and intuitive messaging and considers the principles of psychology. 


 I'm deliberate in my continuous development in the areas of  ancient healing modalities, traditional african approaches to mental health, and trauma informed care to ensure I'm truly serving my clients.


Now that we've got the basic introduction out of the way, here's  a little bit about my story and why I'm so passionate about personal freedom.

This leg of my very long enlightenment journey began at the end of 2012.  It was then that the combination of divine timing and flawed decision making resulted in having to abruptly move back home (with my mama, chile) to Virginia from Atlanta. 


As someone who identifies as an achiever, I had to fight extremely hard to rebuild my identity and not fall into a depression.  It was during this time that I explored various religions and spiritual practices, self-discovery, and healing techniques. 


It was also then that I began to see the truth of Divine timing.  I spent lots of time with my grandmother, who was my best friend, and soaked up her wisdom and love.  Soon after I arrived, there were a few family tragedies and it became clear I was there to support my family as well. The perfect design of The Divine became clearer, and my deep dive into self and spiritual discovery moved from a survival tactic to a purpose-driven choice. 


Since then, I've unpacked the root causes of some of my toxic interactions, successfully ended negative cycles and reaffirmed my worth.  My personal development has led me to  rediscover spiritual gifts I hadn't experienced since my early teen years, develop and strengthen them and use them to help others.  But of course, I'm still growing.

The Milk & Honey Project was founded because I continue to meet others who are also fighting to accept their light and step into their power.  I also continue to meet people at the beginning of a  spiritual awakening, who don't know where to start or find resources. I want to connect you to tools, resources, and ultimately yourself.  I believe a true connection with yourself and The Divine are essential to stepping into a life you love. 

At The Milk & Honey Project, I'm committed to using my gifts, experience, education, and tools to assist you in embracing your personal pilgrimage to a life filled with abundance. Every woman deserves to walk into their promised land: a land overflowing with Milk and Honey.

Please take a look around.   Check out the resources we're continuing to add.  Be sure to join the mailing list to be the first to hear about upcoming events.  And, if you feel so inclined, book a consultation with me for one-on-one, or private group sessions.

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