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Sacred Path 

Uncover what your soul already knows. 

Want to work with Serena 1:1?

We offer continued support through our Sacred Path Mentoring Program 
 one-time advising in a Soul Session,



This ongoing mentoring program begins with a six week commitment.  It's intuitive and completely customized to your needs so completion times vary.



Continued support on your deep dive to self discovery and radical self love

Sacred Path Mentoring Program 

Each package includes:

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly personal reflection assignments and activities

  • Access to Serena via text message and email  between sessions

  • A copy of the Reminder! Self Reflection Deck

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Divine Guidance

This mentoring  program and everything in it is Divinely Inspired.

You'll gain the clarity, comfort and confirmation only messages from The Divine can provide. 



 Balanced Approach

Our work combines:

  • Reflective Writing & Journaling

  • The Power of Music

  • Artistic Expression


    Traditional Healing & Self Connection Concepts​

            designed just for YOU!

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Exploration Focused

Your sessions, activities, and assignments are about getting to know you which means... trying new things!

While some of our work will be challenging, you will enjoy the journey to understanding and embracing your authentic self.

Ready for the transformation?


One time support and guidance during your journey.


Soul Sessions

The Homegirl

Just wanna have a chat with your intuitive homegirl?  This 45 minute - 1 hour session is for you.

I'll listen with  non-judgemental ear, share any  lessons I've learned regarding your issue and share advice, information and resources.

Suggested Topics:

  • Connecting to Passion/ Purpose

  • Improving Relationships

  • Building Self Worth

and more

Spiritual awakening

Need a little help navigating this new found belief system?  Having trouble figuring out where you "fit" in this new world?
If so, this is the virtual session for you.

Potential topics include:

  • Real tips for connecting with your intuition and individual gifts

  • Coping with confusion

  • Understanding the stages of awakening

  • Finding your tribe

  • How does my religion fit into this?

and so much more


Guided Release

Need a private release session?  This is for you..

Experience the peace of a release ritual.  You'll face an experience or relationship that's been weighing you down, acknowledge your feelings, honor the lesson... then LET IT GO!

Session Includes:

Guided Meditation

Prompted Writing

Customized Symbolic Release Activity

Wellness Coach

My session with Serena was eye-opening, in the best way. Upon arriving at our session I felt welcomed and like I was in a safe space and I was honestly just excited to be able to be around somebody who was very empathetic and would allow me to truly have an outlet.

Serena‘s emotional intelligence and communication with people makes the session so different from any type of session that she could have with spiritual journeys. She asked questions, she took my lifestyle into consideration whenever she asked these questions- I never felt judged.


One of my favorite things that Serena did was say a prayer before the session started and that made me feel as though anything negative that wanted to come into my life during this time of deep analysis could not come at all!

There was deep and intense talk and then there were those times of laughter whenever we were able to see the lighter side of my spiritual journey.


One thing about Serena, she will be straight up with you and she will always tell you what you need hear and there’s nothing but good intentions behind it. The cards definitely gave her a good flow however her intuition, her communication, and her intelligence pushed everything further. She was able to give me a lot of clarity on everything that I was questioning. She read me like a book and I appreciated that shit!


I left my session feeling uplifted, feeling empowered, feeling like “let me get my stuff back on track”. Lol! She told me things that you can’t just hear at a woman empowerment seminar or any place like that. The session is definitely one that I would want to do once every quarter or at least once every six months because it’s a pick-me-up that every person needs.


Sacred Sessions with Serena has helped me with my personal and professional goals on my spiritual journey.

During these sessions, I have received clear messages through her from Spirit coupled with her intuition.

I gained insight and received advice on useful tools that help me align with my higher self as well as advance in different areas of my life.

One thing that I appreciate is that Serena always says we have already everything we need; she just helps us tap into what we have to use for our greater good.

She also created a safe space for me to freely express about my innermost thoughts during our session, which I truly love.


I am grateful for my experiences during these sessions and highly recommend her services.