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Goddess           Nights

A different kind of girls nite in.

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This is

There's nothing more luxurious than self love.

...and we believe it should feel luxurious too.  

Every Goddess Night detail is designed to remind guests that they are worthy of every good thing.

This is

You'll grow closer to your crew.

We've curated eye opening games, activities, and conversation starters that encourage loving connection.


You and your guests get you thinking, feelingsharing, and supporting each other.

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This is

Step into yours!

There is nothing more powerful than seeing yourself as the goddess you are.  Once you see yourself, you can't unsee it... and we like it that way.

You and your guests will leave transformed... truly seeing and standing in your POWER.

This is

You'll have an amazing time!

Goddess nights aren't just transformative, they're also fun.

We create an environment that makes reconnecting with yourself as peaceful as it is powerful

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This is a Goddess 

Image by Nicolas Ladino Silva

Our Most Fun

Self Love Celebration


Imagine a party solely remembering how awesome you are...

This is it.

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Our Most Fun

Exploring Intuition 


Feeling called to explore your intuition but don't know where to start?

This is the perfect opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment



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Our Most Fun

Releasing & Manifesting Dreams


This is a powerful opportunity to free yourself of the things that weigh you down to make room for what you want.

Packages Include:

  •  A party for up to 8 people (2hrs)​

  • We bring all the activities, props, and glam accessories to create the experience

  • Each guest gets a take-home mini workbook of self reflection exercises

  • An exclusive gift for you and each of your g

*Primarily serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but travel can be arranged. 

Ready to start planning?