Looking for an experience to be uplifted, enlightened and lovingly challenged?

You're in the right place.


 We partner with amazing healers, teachers, and leaders for a transformative experience.

Come with an open mind, heart, and a commitment to yourself and you'll leave with more tools and knowledge to support you in your growth.

Most events are held in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but keep an eye out, we're expanding as we speak!




Our Events...


  • How you've been showing up to life

  • How that's been serving you

  • What you truly want


  • Your core beliefs about:

    • Yourself

    • Your possibilities.

...especially the ones that have been holding you back​

  • Which of  these beliefs are false and keeping you stuck


Healthier beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors to create a life you love

and inspire real change from the inside out.