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What if the joy, prosperity, and peace you've been looking for  is right on the other side of getting to know 


We believe the key to living a fulfilled life is creating one in alignment with your authentic self.

If that's your goal...

You're in the right place.

Here We:

Reconnect &



...who we've always been

...what we (individually) believe

...what we want at our core



...the false beliefs you hold about who you are, what you're worthy of.

We explore new, more empowering ideas to replace the old.

Boldly Choose 


We make changes in every area of our lives that honor our soul's truth.

This is the path to true bliss.


Check here for our next opportunity for group introspection and inspiration.

We add events often!



Work 1-on-1 with Serena for true transformation and liberation from the inside out


Grab your girls fo a private
Milk & Honey Project Experience! 
You choose topic, and we'll bring the healing!


MHP Academy is now live!


 Hey, I'm Serena!


I'm an Intuitive Mentor, the founder of The Milk & Honey Project and your pattern disruptor!  


Everything we do at MHP is designed to inspire thinking, feeling, unlearning, and re-learning so you can live FREE!


Through my own journey, I discovered the importance of self exploration and spiritual development for creating a life I love and I'm here to support you in reaching  to your personal land of milk and honey.  


"You will find your bliss when you embrace your divinity while honoring your humanity"

-Serena Kumara 

Gina - Release. Restore

Distance Learning

"Had to take a minute to process all the things but Release. Restore. 2 was everything its name represents! It was like finally seeing that "thing" I couldn't quite see but knew was always there. ❤️ #transformational"

Dana - Release. Restore. 2

Looking Up

It was simply amazing! Thank you!

Woman with Funky Nails

I was filled with a lot of awareness about a lot of things I did not fully recognize. Especially with a lot of recent things. I was just soaking it all up. It was really necessary and Serena and Regina touched me.

LaurenRelease. Restore 2


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